SIGDA: Special Interest Group on Design Automation
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SIGDA Technical Committees

SIGDA TCs have been started in 2006 with the purpose of filling any potential gaps between SIGDA policies/strategy and specific technical areas. The main goal is to generate more interest/impetus in a particular technical area, while also providing a communication channel between SIGDA and various technical areas in EDA. Current SIGDA TC Areas are:

  • Physical design: [Homepage]

  • David Z. Pan (UT Austin) - chair
    Andrew Kahng (UC San Diego) - co-chair

  • Logic/RTL synthesis: [Homepage (testing)]

  • Sunil Khatri (Texas A&M) - chair
    Deming Chen (UIUC) - co-chair

  • System level design: [Homepage]

  • Radu Marculescu (CMU) - chair
    Sandeep Kumar Shukla (Virginia Tech.) - co-chair

  • Low power design: [Homepage]

  • Farzan Fallah (Stanford U.) - chair
    Young-Hsiang Lu (Purdue U.) - co-chair

  • Reliability and testing: [Homepage]

  • Mehdi Tahoori (KIT) - chair
    Karthik Mohanram (Rice U.) - co-chair

  • FPGA, configurable computing: [Homepage]

  • Andre Dehon (U. Penn.) - chair
    Piyushi Mishra - co-chair

  • Verification: [Homepage]

  • Avi Ziv (IBM) - chair

  • Emerging technologies: [Homepage (testing)]

  • Igor Markov (U. Michigan) - chair
    Yuan Xie (PSU) - co-chair

  • DFM: [Homepage]

  • Kevin Cao (Arizona State) - chair
    Puneet Gupta (UC Los Angeles) - chair

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