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Creating easily routable designs is one of the key challenges for modern physical synthesis design closure tools. A design closure flow for today's advanced process technologies needs to be aware of routability during the entire flow, especially during cell placement. Despite significant advances in wire length driven placement, the routability of various placement algorithms remains fairly unknown. This is further complicated by the lack of a standard framework and metric(s) to evaluate the routability of a given placement.

The aim of the DAC 2012 contest is to further advance the state-of-the-art in routability-driven placement. Key features of the contest include:


Schedule (subject to change)

Jan 05, 2012 Release contest website with benchmark description, submission guidelines, utility scripts, etc.
Release preliminary version of the first contest benchmark.
Jan 2012 mid - third week Release preliminary version of the second contest benchmark.
Feb 2012 fourth week Release global routing based contest evaluation tool, finalized contest evaluation metric
and evaluation script.
Mar 2012 first week Release second set of contest benchmarks (two in number).
Mar 31, 2012 Receive alpha (preliminary) binaries from all teams.
NOTE: If a team is not able to generate legal placement solutions on the four benchmarks
by this deadline, they will not go forward in the contest. Placement legality will be checked
using the dac2012_check_legality script (under Utility Scripts).
May 20, 2012 Final submission of binaries for contest evaluation.
May 21-31, 2012 DAC 2012 routability-driven placement contest and evaluation.
Jun 3-7, 2012 DAC 2012. Announce contest results.

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